The Southwest Florida Bluegrass Assoc.

The Heartland-Southwest Florida Bluegrass Music Association.
The July event was held inside as result of the outdoor pavilion not being available. That did not deter the bluegrass music fans and for a summer event post Covid it was again a respectable turnout. Friday evening after setting up the sound equipment a jam session was going and except for a short dinner break it lasted well into the evening. The sound of bluegrass could be heard Saturday morning with the Beginner Friendly Jam starting at 10:00. The start of the Heartland-Southwest Bluegrass Music Association’s Saturday of bluegrass music, camping and jamming event was underway. Good bluegrass bands were ready to play with the Heartland-Southwest Jam Band at 1:00, the Pinewood River Band at 2:00, and Justin Mason & Blue Night at 3:00.

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The Dixie Kitchen is closed for the season, however Karin's Kitchen was open and the food & drinks were appreciated by all. It was a fine weekend with plenty of jamming and an excellent show. The Board would like to extend a thank you to the bands that played and the patrons for making it a successful weekend. And also a thank you to Lee for the stage announcements, Brian for the sound, Carol and Jim for the gate duties and Karin's Kitchen.

The August event will be held IN THE CLUBHOUSE, come on out, sit in the A/C and have an entertaining afternoon.

We at the Heartland-Southwest Bluegrass Music Association extend an invitation to all and hope to see you at our next meeting August 27th, 2022. The event will include the 10:00 AM Beginner Friendly Jam, the bands will start with the Heartland-Southwest Bluegrass Jam Band at 1:00 and Highway 41 South at 2:00 with a double set of excellent bluegrass and an entertaining show.

Karin's Kitchen will be open for the summer events. The menu will be chicken salad, ham salad, egg salad and tuna salad sandwichs, chips, cookies, water and soda's.

The Board Members of Heartland-Southwest Florida Bluegrass Music Association extends a thank you to all our patrons and volunteers for another successful event.

Where: Craig’s RV Resort - A highly regarded RV camping facility located 7 miles north of Arcadia FL. on US 17. Lots of bluegrass jamming and parking lot picking is expected throughout the weekend. Saturday features a Beginner Friendly Bluegrass jam with a moderator to help beginners and experienced players to also assist and guide. You are welcome to bring your stringed instrument and join in.

Admission: The Heartland-Southwest Bluegrass Association concert is free for members of the Heartland Bluegrass Association and the Southwest Florida Bluegrass Association . A $7 per person donation is requested from non-members. Bring chairs for seating in the outdoor shaded pavilion. Membership is $25 per year for a family unit.

Campsites: Craig’s RV has electric and water hookups for $25 per night. Dry camping is $10 per night. Many campers camp both Friday and Saturday night. Tent campers are welcome. Restrooms with hot showers within easy walking distance. Camping is close to the concert area.

DATE: August 27th, 2022.
TIME: Saturday, “Beginner Friendly Bluegrass Jam” at 10 AM, with a 1:00 start time for "The Heartland-Southwest Jam Band", "HWY 41 South" at 2:00 and lots more music.
LOCATION: Craig’s RV Resort, 7895 NE Cubitis Ave, Arcadia, FL 34266
DIRECTIONS: From State Road 70 in Arcadia, FL take US 17 North 7.1 miles. Turn left on Cubitis Ave. Turn right immediately into the entrance to Craig’s RV Resort and follow the signs to the outdoor pavilion.
For more information: 941-467-2051

The Board Members of Heartland-Southwest Florida Bluegrass Music Association wish you safe travels.

For more information: 941-467-2051, also
www.heartlandbluegrass.org - heartlandbluegrass@gmail.com

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