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Heartland-Southwest Florida Bluegrass Music Association Newsletter. December 6th, 2021

Friday night before the show on Saturday provided ample opportunity to join a jam session with several jams going until the temperature cooled down. Saturday started with 74 degrees, clear skies, low humidity and the sound of bluegrass in the air about 9:00 AM. The start of the Heartland-Southwest Bluegrass Music Associationís Saturday of bluegrass music, camping and jamming was underway. The beginners' jam began at 10:00 and a lot of happy faces were evident. Participants were having fun and learning the art of bluegrass jamming. Good bluegrass bands were ready to play with Blue Cypress at 1:00, our own Heartland Jam Band at 2:00, and Blue Grit at 3:00.

Blue Cypress, a first tier band with a straight bluegrass repertoire and the instrumental chops to go with the excellent harmony singing. Jeff Cisco-Fiddle, Alby Lopez-Mandolin, J.R. Davis-Guitar, James Rogers-Banjo and Jim Marshall-Bass.

Heartland-Southwest Jam Band, a mash up band of attendees who want to participate. We would recommend this to any up and coming pickers, or experienced pickers who just feel like playing on stage. It's a great experience. Much like a high school play, one sometimes wonders how it will ever work but it alway prevails with music and fun for everyone. Jerry Bull-Mandolin, Melanie Chadwick-Vocals, Brian Heartlieb-Guitar, Bob Barrett-Banjo, Larry Patitucci-Bass and Doug Rose-Resonator Guitar.

Blue Grit, ended the show with a four piece band having a solid instrumental foundation and good harmonies. Fiddlin Steve was a stand in on the fiddle and was a nice addition. Mike Stokes-Banjo, Sandy Stokes-Bass, Kevin O'Connor-Guitar and Steve Hurst-Fiddle.

The Dixie Kitchen had very good food with the rumor circulating the cobbler was especially good.

It was a good weekend with fine weather, good jamming and an excellent show. Attendance was also up this weekend compared to last year. The Board would like to extend a thank you to the bands that played and the attendees for making it a successful weekend. And also a thank you to Tom for the 50-50 ticket sales, Lee for the stage announcements, Brian for the sound and Carol for the gate duties. Special thanks to Gregory May for providing the content for this newsletter.

We at the Heartland-Southwest Florida Bluegrass Music Association extend an invitation to all and hope to see you at our next meeting December 31 and January 1 for our annual New Years celebration. Just a reminder that Craig's is not providing free camping this year, and we will not be having the yard sale.

The Board Members of Heartland-SWFBA wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!!

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