Watercolor Print: Playing the Resonator Guitar

This framed print of a watercolor features a Heartland-Southwest member playing the resonator guitar at a jam session during one of our events. The instrument was a build by Tom Warner, a past member of our association. Tom built over 400 instruments under the name Appalachian Resonators and then A.T. Warner, that were sold all over the world. His instruments had a reputation of very high quality with excellent sound. It will be be raffled at the New Year's Eve weekend event with the proceeds going to Tom's wife who is struggling both financially and with health issues. Tickets will be $5 and the drawing will be done before the last set of the day. It was donated by Mike Sedlak, a member of the Heartland-Southwest Bluegrass Music Association. A unique feature of the watercolor is that it was painted with coffee water. This a beautiful print with triple matting in a high quality frame. The dimensions are 18"X 13".