The Martin D-28 An example of the Martin D-28 used by many bluegrass guitar players.
This particular guitar is a 1942 Martin D-28 with a listing price of $33,500, available on the Carter Vintage Guitar website.
A Martin D-28 guitar is considered by many to be the standard for guitar players in the bluegrass genre of music. C.F. Martin guitars was founded in 1833 by a German immigrant Christian F. Martin. The plant is located in Nazareth, Pennsylvania and is listed on the National Registration of Historic Places. Factory tours are available and a museum of instruments the company has built over the years is also located there. C.F. Martin the IV is the current chairman of the company and is the great, great, great, grandson of the founder.
Martin guitars made two very innovative introductions to guitar making. First was changing the neck from 12 frets to 14 frets ending at the body of the instrument. Secondly the body was enlarged to produce more volume. The larger body size was named the Dreadnought after the largest battleship at that time titled the HMS Dreadnought. The word dreadnought means nothing to fear "nought to fear". The dreadnought is preferred by bluegrass musicians because the larger body size has more volume. The prewar Martin D-28 is one of the most copies designs in guitar building.

Martin built its 500,000th guitar in 1990 and passed the 1,000,000 mark in 2004. Six hundred employees are presently with the company.

Martin guitars are highly prized by collectors. Some examples of notable sales are: October 2009 D-28 played by Elvis Presley in his last concert $106,200. June 2020 a 1959 D-18E modified allowing amplification played by Kurt Cobain on MTV's Unplugged in 1993 $6,010,000. August of 2020 a D-18 used by Elvis Presley from 1954 to 1955 $1,320,000, the highest price ever paid for an unmodified acoustic guitar.

The D-28 played by Clarence White and passed on to the late Tony Rice is considered by many the most collectable Martin guitar in the bluegrass music world today. An interesting feature about this guitar is the fretboard was replaced by the someone in the White family with a Gretsch fretboard which extends over the sound hole. Copies of this have been manufactured over the years by numerous companies.

A check of the current prices online lists a standard D-28 at $3,199.00.